18 Teladan Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya

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18 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya – Recount text atau dalam bahasa indonesia kerap disebut dengan teks menceritakan ulang. Recount text intinya terdapat struktur yang hampir sama dengan narrative text yang notabennya sama sama termasuk dalam jenis teks narasi. Namun yang membedakan antara tumpuan recount text dengan narrative text merupakan letak waktu ceritanya. Recount text merupakan jenis teks yang cenderung kembali menceritakan kejadian kejadian dimasa kemudian yang tujuannya merupakan untuk memperlihatkan informasi terkait kejadian tersebut. Misalnya terdapat tumpuan recount text wacana liburan (holliday), tentunya tumpuan teks recount ini sedikit kaya akan membahas kejadian sewaktu masa liburan.

 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya 18 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya
Contoh Recount Text Singkat Beserta Strukturnya

Contoh recount text singkat intinya sanggup anda temukan di bermacam media menyerupai majalah bahasa inggris, buku pegangan siswa dan lain sebagainya. Sama menyerupai tumpuan teks dalam bahasa inggris lainnya recount text juga terdapat struktur yang disebut dengna generic structure. Selain itu recount text juga dikompleksi dengan language feature dan ciri ciri khusus yang berbeda dengan jenis teks lainnya. Dalam hari ini kali ini admin juga akan memperlihatkan penterangan wacana generic structure recount text dan language feature recount text secara kompleks.

Pengertian Rocount Text

Sebelum membahas tumpuan recount text beserta generic structurenya maka terlebih dahulu kita harus mengerti apa pengertian recount text. Sebagaimana yang telah admin sebutkan diatas bahwa recount text merupakan teks yang menceritakan ulang suatu kejadian di masa lalu. Tujuan recount text sendiri merupakan untuk memperlihatkan informasi secara spesifik dan menghibur para pembacanya. Sama menyerupai narrative text yang juga menceritakan kejadian, recount text tak terdapat complication (komplikasi).

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Tujuan komunikatif recount text (teks recount) merupakan untuk memperlihatkan informasi atau laporan wacana suatu peristiwa. Setiap tumpuan recount text singkat umumnya akan memuat kejadian inginpun acara dengan tujuan untuk menghibur atau memberitahu suatu kejadian tanpa terdapat konflik (complication) didalam ceritanya.

Generic Structure Recount Text

Teks recount terdapat generic structure sama menyerupai tumpuan teks dalam bahasa inggris lainnya. Adapun generic structure teks recount merupakan sebagai berikut:
Orintation : Dalam kerangka tumpuan recount text, Orientation merupakan penggalan teks recount yang pertama dan terletak di awal paragraf. Umumnya orientation akan memuat informasi umum yang terdapat dalam cerita. Sebagaimana tumpuan siapa yang telibat dalam cerita. Latar kejadian cerita, Dan sedikit memperlihatkan pemaparan wacana alur dongeng yang akan terjadi.
Event : Event merupakan rangkaian kejadian yang terjadi dalam cerita. Umumnya kejadian kejadian tersebut akan disusun sesuai urutan sesampai kemudian membentuk urutan kejadian (Cronological order) atau yang lebih disebut sequences of event. Dalam penggalan event ini umumnya kita juga akan menemukan komentar eksklusif dari pengarang wacana kejadian atau kejadian yang diceritakan didalam cerita.
Reorientation : Bagian reorintation merupakan penggalan terakhir pada tumpuan recount text dimana terdapat pengulangan atau penitikberatan kembali wacana penggalan orientation. Pengulangan atau penitikberatan recount text ini umumnya memuat wacana rentetan kejadian atau kejadian dan acara dalam cerita.

Language Feature Recount Text

Dalam bermacam tumpuan recount text singkat kita akan selalu menemukan kaidah kebahasaan (language feature). Language feature atau yang lebih dikenal dengan kaidah kebahasaan ini mempunyai kandungan ciri ciri recount text. Ciri ciri recount text ini juga sanggup kita temukan dalam bahan pembelajaran di Sekolah Menengan Atas inginpun SMK. Adapun ciri ciri atau language feature recount text merupakan sebagai berikut:
  • Umumnya tentes yang dipakai merupakan past tense (went, was, etc).
  • Menggunakan konjungsi dan kata penghubung waktu untuk mengurutkan rangkaian peristiwa.
  • Menggunakan adverb phrase dan adverbial phrase sebagai kalimat untuk mengungkapkan waktu kawasan dan kejadian.
  • Menggunakan action verb menyerupai sleep, went, ran, brought, etc.

Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya

Dibawah ini admin akan memberikann bermacam macam tumpuan recount text wacana liburan, wacana pendidikan, wacana kebersihan dan lain sebagainya. Perlu kita ingat bahwa tumpuan contoh disini merupakan sedikit citra wacana teks recount. Dan intinya anda sanggup berbagi recount text milik anda sendiri menurut pengalaman anda.

Contoh Recount text wacana liburan traveling

When i was young, i am not a traveler because i didn’t like traveling. Then i more prefer to playing games in my console. All the time in my live i’ve never traveled by plan until 2012. I was 20 years old at that time and that time become my first traveling by plane.
 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya 18 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya
Contoh Recount Text Tentang Liburan

My first trip when i went to tibet for 4 days. I did not know how to checj in in the airport. It like a new thing for me because i was faced with new procedure. The most impressed thing of that time is when the plane is going to take off. I am very enjoy my trip.

Since that time, i start to chance my mind and i like traveling. So i went to korea, germany, switzerland, united states, united kingdom and soon i will go to australia.

Contoh Recount Text Tentang Pendidikan

In the 21 of april in Indonesia will be held a commemorate for Kartini day. This is very historical moment for woman because every april 21 we are celebrate the birth day of Lady Kartini (R.A Kartini). Everyone in Indonesia are know who she is. Kartini is one of our national hiroes and she was a great lady with bright idea to rise the woman.
R.A Kartini was born in april 21, 18700 at mayong jepara. She has father named Rama Sosroningrat W. And her mother was Ngasinah. She was very lucky to got more than ordinary people are got. She got a better education than the other people. In november 1903 she got married with Adipati Djoyoodiningrat (Head master of rembang regency). Based on Tradion of East Java, After married Kartini Should follow her husband. And then She moved to rembang.
In september 1904 she gave Adipati a son. They named the baby singgih. After give a birth to her husband, her condition was felt and getting worse time by time and finally she passed away on september 17, 1904. She was very young when passed away.
Even Kartini has gone, but her dream and spirit to rise the women are always be carried on our heart. Nowadays Indonesian Woman are motivated by Kartini spirit and it was stated on the book collection which the title is “Habis gelap terbitlah terang” and in english we can call it as from the dusk to the dawn.

Contoh Recount Text Tentang Liburan Ke Bromo

Last week at 21 of june, i went to bromo with my friends. We stayed at my friend’s house in the feet of bromo. My friend’s house has big garden, small pool to swim and collorful flower.
In the first morning me and my friends are saw mount batok. Some people say that mount batok has a beautiful scenery in the morning. We rode on the horse and it was scary and also awkward for me but overall it was fun. After that we went to get more closer to the mountain to look more detail. We took so many photo with so many pose. After enough take a photo we went to the big tree with shadow beneath it and we had a lunch beneath the tree. Just before we go home in the previous day we went to the wonokromo zoo. We went home in the next day.
We was very tired at all. But i thing it was very excited moment and fun holiday. I hope we can go to another excited place in the next holiday.

Example Of Recount Text About Vacation and Holiday

Mr.Satrio’s family was in their vacation. There are Ms. and Mr Satrio with their two sons went to london. They go and saw their travel agent and book their own ticket. The went to Britis embassy in order to get their visa and passport. They booked two weeks in their tour. They went to british by a big boeing flight in aproximate twelve hours.
 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya 18 Contoh Recount Text Singkat Terbaru Beserta Strukturnya
Contoh Recount Text Tentang Liburan

The crew of the plan was very kind and frienly to passanger. They gave a news paper or magazine so passanger can read it along the flight. They also gave them some food and drink. In the cabin passanger also can watch film for entertainment. Mr.Satrio’s family was very pleasant with the flight, so they  slept away along the way.

On arrival at Hartbet airport, they intend to go to immigration and customs. in that place the officer also so pleasant. They check Mr.Satrio’s family very carefuly and in polite ways. After Mr.Satrio’s collect their bags they went to london and make transfer to their hotel.
The four star hotel had a room and beautiful park view when Mr.Satrio look out the window. The room also had its own toilet, bathroom and hall. Instead using keys to lock and open the room, they also use inserted pass card to open the door. The food in that hotel was very delicious, there are restaurant serving european or asian food as well. 
Two week in london are fast time. In the end of the day, there were very tired but Mr.Satrio’s family was very happy and they had a plan to go to london again in several years later.

Contoh Recount text Tentang Liburan (Holiday)

In the last summer i had fantastic holiday. In my holiday i visited so many great place. I went to airport and was going fly to London. I was spent my two days in hotel. I love london view from my hotel because it was very beautiful.
Then i go to teater in the famous distric in london united kingdom. In that teater i am very excited with the actor and actrees that role their character. There are someone acting to be a famous lawyer in british and the other is being a cop.
After i spending my two days in united kingdom i pack my bag and flight to united states, california. In the airport i book a taxy and move to new york city to see statue of liberty.

Umumnya kita akan sangat gampang menemukan tumpuan recount text singkat wacana liburan alasannya memang liburan merupakan masa dimana kita terdapat kenangan kenangan indah tanpa ada konflik. Maka dari itu kesan wacana liburan kaya dijadikan tema untuk menulis teks recount.

Anda sanggup membuat tumpuan recount text singkat anda sendiri menurut pengalaman liburan menyenangkan yang anda miliki. Namun perlu kita ingat bahwa dalam menulis tumpuan recount text wacana liburan kita tak boleh mencantumkan konflik atau twist dalam alur cerita.

Itulah sedikit contoh recount text singkat terbaru beserta strukturnya yang sanggup admin sampaikan pada hari ini kali ini. Selain itu kita harus ingat bahwa language feature recount text inginpun generic structure recount text juga sangat penting untuk dipelajari.

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