Simple Present Tense Verb To Be Multiple Choice

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Multiple Choice Exercise  
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Verb To be (is, am, are) MCQs
Instructions :

  1. Choose the correct answer from the multiple choice.
  2. Your choice can not be changed.
  3. Click submit button to check your score.
  4. Score and Answer key can be opened if you have answered all questions.

1. Don’t forget to take your jacket David. It …. cold today.
A. are
B. am
C. is
D. were
E. was

2. Brad and Jolie ….. maried.
A. is
B. was not
C. was
D. is not
E. are

3. Victoria … so busy right now. She and her husband …… in the office.
A. is, were
B. are, are
C. is, is
D. is, are
E. are, is

4. Her name …. Ciara and She …. a teacher. She has two children. They ….. in same school now.
A. is, are, is
B. are, is, are
C. is, is, are
D. are, are, is
E. is, are, are

5. Hi, my name …. Emma. This … my brother and his name …. Peter.
A. is, are, is
B. is, is, is
C. is, is, are
D. are, are, is
E. are, is, are

6. …. your brother busy now? I want to share something with him. I …. so sad.
A. is, are
B. are, is
C. are, am
D. are, was
E. is, am

7. Your grandmother …. in my home. She ask your sister to pick her up. ….  your sister at home?
A. is, is
B. are, is
C. are, are
D. is, are
E. is, aren’t

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8. I try to call your Father but it …. no answer. …… they in the meeting right now?
A. are, is
B. are, are
C. is, are
D. is, aren’t
E. is, is

9. Today ….. sunday. What day ….. tomorrow?
A. are, is
B. is, are
C. are, was
D. is, am
E. is, is

10. Their father …. a rich man. He has a sport car and it …. so expensive.
A. are, is
B. are, are
C. is, are
D. is, is
E. are, isn’t